Diagnostic Instruments

"Oliver performed engineering analysis tasks and design for me on two complex medical instruments. He defined forces, frictions, creep, failure modes, gearbox layouts, thermal characteristics, test schedules then selected materials and optimised designs.

He is dependable to get tasks done, and has a good attention to detail in his approach whether it is solving engineering problems and designs or managing third party manufacturers and suppliers.

It has been great having Oliver working for me and Iím sure there will be many instances when I shall call upon his services in the future."

Julian Brandon-Jones, Managing Consultant

PA Consulting Group.


Bionic Limbs

Design and prototype build of prosthetic limbs with failsafe devices to prevent damage to the implanted region.


The new generation of limbs are guided through neural interfaces using AI to adapt to the ever-changing neural network of the body.


Drug Delivery

Design, development and analysis of innovative mechanisms, testing of prototypes, ultrasonic welding, automated assembly and transfer to manufacture.



I am proud to say that this kit is out there performing operations and has received a lot of praise.  Our homepage has more detail.



Surgical Implant

Design of a production platform to manufacture orthopaedic surgical implants.


"Simple, reproducible, cost effective - you're a man after my own heart."


Dr Andrew Lynn, CEO

OrthoMimetics Ltd.


Cancer Diagnostic Probes

Design and prototype build of probes to detect early signs of oesophageal and colon cancer.


Convenient, pain-free probes that fit a standard endoscope to give point-of-care diagnosis.

Bespoke Stent Graft

Design and build a three dimensional sewing machine capable of creating a bespoke stent for a patient based on image information from X-rays.

Autoinjector Assembly

Design and build of an platform for the assembly of a tricky, spring loaded autoinjector while keeping the operator safe and ensuring a fully locked device. 

DNA Replication

CTD has worked on two technologies, both with large client teams to design and prototype instruments.  One large scale chemistry lab in a box and one small, on-chip process.  Both replicate and identify genome strands and infections.