Experimental Water Bath

"Oliver and his team at CTD were involved in the design of a range of components for one of our key US customers.  We used CTD to successfully speed up the design and get products to market quickly."


Technology Director,

Grant Instruments Ltd.


Mixer for Surgical Collagen

"The nature of the raw material requires high energy, temperature stabilisation and a well designed holding vessel agitator to ensure a homogeneous end product.


We brainstormed ideas and later tested prototypes together. We now have an excellent, robust and controllable process that is central to our main product. 

Oliver's wealth of experience and excellent engineering mindset give him a unique ability to conceptualise designs, develop 3D drawings and build prototypes with amazing ease. He is very receptive to inputs and is able to build them into his designs resulting in highly robust products, driven entirely by the needs of the end user. This was an important development activity for us, Oliver was very easy to work with, I enjoyed the project and look forward to working with him again."

Dr Siddhartha Ghose, Senior Scientist
TiGenix Ltd.



Bespoke Experimental Equipment

This sheet metal chemical bath is an example of high quality bespoke equipment that can be made quite quickly after a brainstorm with future users in the laboratory.



Design of a "lab on a chip" chemistry instrument.  CTD designed and built some experimental rigs for the development of underlying technology.