RFID Antenna Copper Plating

Development of a copper plating process to manufacture RFID antennae on a metre wide web of polyester.


RFID antennae are flexible PCBs that are well suited to additive production because of their low percentage coverage.  Waste was greatly reduced compared with traditional print and etch methods.


Guiding high tension webs needs particular care.  Part of our innovative capstan roller system is shown below.




Nuclear Steam Raising Plant

Rolls-Royce and Associates design and modify nuclear power plants for the propulsion of Royal Naval submarines. 

The project was a primary circuit modification to extend the life of the boats. 


Technically challenging, limited access, material restrictions and exposure to radiation.  The solution lay in automated lathe cutting and TIG welding equipment specifically designed to fit the geometry of the boats.


Secure Electronics Enclosures

CTD have developed and built several high quality enclosures for valuable electronics that need shielding and protection.  Projects include data diodes and an ANPR camera.