Run of River Turbine
"Oliver worked from fluid dynamics data to design and build turbine prototypes that we tested together in the River Cam. He went on to design full size turbines that could be manufactured at low cost.

His pragmatic and innovative approach to design, along with a wealth of engineering experience has given us real products and made a tangible difference to Green-Tide Turbines. Oliver fitted perfectly into our small team and I look forward to working with him again."

Michael Evans, CEO
Green-Tide Turbines Ltd.
Cambridge Carbon Capture have developed a process to sequester CO2 from industrial emissions.

The CO2 can be locked into rock form and utilised across a wide range of industries. 

CTD helped by designing part of the rig for early investigation.
  Tidal Turbine
"Oliver has taken a consistent and practical approach in helping us to deliver product prototypes ready for laboratory testing and field trials.

Oliver's solutions are invariably pragmatic and have worked extremely well - his attitude toward continual improvement has helped us to build our knowledge over time. Oliver has gone beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion and certainly isn't afraid of taking a hands-on approach!"

Tom Clark, CTO
Green-Tide Turbines Ltd.