Pneumatic Road Hump

"Oliver developed two families of pneumatic, speed sensitive road humps with me over a two year period.  We installed prototypes at a reference site and monitored their progress together.

"I have greatly enjoyed working with Oliver on this product and have found his engineering knowledge, enthusiasm, willingness to deliver and his gentle good humour boundless. I would have no reservations in recommending CTD to any prospective client."

Steve Tyler, Project Manager
Dunlop Transcalm Ltd.

Suspension and Braking

Design, development and implementation of a bespoke chassis for a racing car, still going well after 20 years.


Based on light weight twin wishbones of unequal length.  Moving parts were bushes, coil over shocks, rod ends and bearings. 


Engine Design

A complete, bespoke engine to power Jacques Villeneuve's 2000 Formula 1 BAR Honda.   To use the original suspension and gearbox the engine needed a crank centre height of 68.5mm, which means a custom design.


All parts were machined from solid and are structural to the car.

A bespoke steering wheel with gearchange paddles and microswitches to move the pneumatic mechanism controlling the gearbox.
Converted to a conventional three pedal layout this pedal box is entirely bespoke to fit the contours of the cockpit.  The clutch slave was fitted up the side of the front left damper.

BAR Honda chassis #4 was raced by Jacques Villeneuve for most of the 2000 season and was points winning.

Onboard footage