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Bespoke Z-axis for automated, clean room machining of surgical implants.

"Oliver provided engineering and design to Orthomimetics for several years, on projects ranging from development of reusable arthroscopic medical devices to bespoke 3 axis CNC machining systems for medical implant production.
He consistently met the agreed targets for cost, quality and timescales, and communicates progress well. We would have struggled to make the progress that we did without him."


Tim Mead, Head of Product and Process Development,

OrthoMimetics Ltd.

Driven Spool with heated chemical bath, guided recirculating flow and extrusion head.


"Oliver helped me to develop a complex automated assembly system for production of novel biomaterials for use in regenerative medicine. He demonstrated a high level of technical ability in mechanical and electromechanical design and was able to provide a highly responsive and adaptive working style that enabled rapid progress to be made. In addition, he anticipated our future requirements such that we were able to rapidly translate concepts into lab-scale prototypes and then into prototype production equipment; this enabled a smooth transition through scale-up. I would recommend Oliver as a highly skilled and pragmatic engineer who can deliver high quality results to tight timelines."


Dr Simon Kew, Senior Scientist,

TiGenix Ltd.