Aircraft Interior

Design of a novel mechanism for overhead luggage compartments for one of the new wide bodied jets.


The design brief was to create a futuristic motorised operation, light weight, using available space 24 volts.


The chosen design enabled a compact, flexible assembly with push button control.


97% Cost Reduction!

Product development aimed at cost reduction for twelve current products.  Aerospace product lifecycles can be 35 years or more so for expensive components cost reduction can be very valuable.


A league table of products was compiled based on forecast spend through life.  To maximise savings most time was spent with products at the top of the table.  At the bottom of the table savings needed to outweigh re-qualifying costs. 


Some enclosures could move from hand fabrication to extrusion, saving 97%, around 5m.  An eclectic background and a rigorous approach can bring surprising results.


Aero Engines

Rolls-Royce, Derby design and manufacture engines for civil aircraft from medium sized to the largest passenger jets. 


Development work involved finalising designs, overseeing manufacture and testing of prototype parts and whole engines. 


Rolls-Royce have an enviable reputation for delivering excellence and have a quality product that is head and shoulders above the competition.